Chicken & Cigarettes - Pt. 1  

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Love has a funny way of making you uncomfortable. I have heard it said that Love pushes you straight out of your comfort zones. It leaves you vulnerable, it calls you to give up yourself for the better of someone else. Often you get hurt as a result of your vulnerability. However, at the end of the day love is the greatest power on this earth, it heals wounds and calms fears. So, this is what I am called to do; what i am called to be.

Mother Tereasa had a saying which she was well known for. She'd say "We can do no great things, only small things with great amounts of love." She would also say "It is not the size of the task you do, but the size of the love with which you do it." In fact, as you walked out of the front office area of her mission in Calcutta, into the first men's ward in her house for the destitute and dying, there stood a plank over the door which read "Small things today, or don't even leave."

So, my friend, Galen McGrane and I headed off to Baltimore, Maryland a couple weeks ago to spend some time with the homeless. As we were preparing for our trip and leading up to it, people would ask me what we wished to "acheive" or what we were going to "do." I always replied "love people." Sometimes we set very lofty goals in life, we like measurable goals. Such a goal as to "love" makes others uncomfortable because it cannot neccesarily be measured.

We got our backpack all ready to go. We had layers, some more layers, and a couple Bibles. We stopped by the local general store and bought a couple loaves of bread and some peanut butter and jelly. We also bought a bunch of chocolate bars, we figured "who doesn't like chocolate?" And so, we were off...

As we drove past the inner harbor of Baltimore, we realized we didn't have much planned. We found this old Catholic Church which was next to a park where all the Homeless people stayed. We parked, kindly asked the head pastor if we could leave our car there overnight, and we got to walking. We walked past the park and saw so many people. Suddenly, there it was. No more comfort zones. What do we do? What do we say? How do we introduce ourselves? Love was knocking on our hearts, calling us into vulnerability. We walked around the harbor for about an hour, just trying to figure out what our first move would be, what was our plan of attack going to be? We made it all the way around downtown Baltimore and before we knew it we were back at the park with no ideas. Here we were. We looked at each other, sighed, and said...

"... i guess we just say hi?"

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Hey Ben, It's Clarissa, remember me, the girl from Kelcey's interning church. You are a really good writer, like you said. I'm really excited to read your other entries.
You are a very good guy, and I'm sure Galen is, too. I'm very happy that you two, just two college guys, are taking one step to make the world a better place.
You're a very inspiring person. Since the day we've talked, I've completely change (in a good way).
Thank you.

All for Him,
Clarissa Thomas

June 3, 2008 at 9:44 AM

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