Chicken & Cigarettes - Pt. 2  

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"What do you want to accomplish? Like, what's your goal?"

"Show some of Christ's love to those who maybe don't see it often. I dunno, maybe just listen to their stories. Maybe just treat them like they're human, and like they matter."

I've noticed too much today this belief in a common myth that those who are homeless just choose it, or they didn't work hard enough, or that "there's opportunity, we're in America." The biggest problem i have with this thought process is that now instead of being humans, they are a statistic which is a drain on the economy, makes my job pay less, and takes government hand outs that come from my taxes on my hard earned money. "I earned that, why don't they get a job?"

Are people really statistics? Is it that cut and dry? If i wanted to be a statistic, i'd go work for a mega corporation, or just consume some of the latest trend products. Wait, that IS what we do isn't it? We're so accostumed to being a statistic in our society that we have no problem relegating someone else to the status of yet another statistic. Maybe if we were all treated like humans more often, by more than family and friends, then we'd learn to BE human again, maybe even feel. Maybe we would treat others as human.

Obviously i'm blowing it out of proportion and exaggerating things to make a point, but i don't know that i've done so by any gross fashion, I am far too close to the truth. When did Christ become a part of our daily life? When did love become part of our daily life? Christ wants to interupt your daily life, even ruin it, all the while forcing love to become more than a section carved out of your daily life; love is to be who we are and what we are, it is to be the thing that shapes, patterns, and defines our daily lives.

...So we said "Hi."

This simple act, this "small thing," a meaningless gesture. A "hi" and a handshake. Certainly this couldn't be an act of "great love," could it? Surely vulnerable love requires more, doesn't it?

What i have learned is that even a "hi" and handshake have been trivialized. Is it so superficial? There is a thing of beauty and art to fellowship. Real fellowship requires something of us we're not always comfortable with. Real love and fellowship requires a handshake to be a meeting of people, of souls, of brothers, of humans, on a level that says "I am human, and i'm willing to be that with you. I'm willing to be real, I'm willing to let you know me in an attempt to honestly get to know you." As i've stated before in another post, everyone has a story. It is a story that God longs to play a role, and in the long run, yearns to be the author. It is a story marked with real life, real joy, and real pain. It is a story that if we come at with an open heart, we can begin to feel. We can begin to hear the sounds, smell the smells, and feel the joys and pains.

We met beautiful people in Baltimore. Children of God whom he is madly in love with. These are their stories...

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Ben, you have GOT (forgive my grammar) to read Same Kind of Different as Me, by Denver Moore and Ron Hall, or better yet, listen to the book on tape version. I'm serious, this is a must.

July 7, 2008 at 8:30 AM

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