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So it would be impossible for me to write coffee suggestions without providing the most important suggestion.

In December I was looking at Christmas gifts and my sister was asking me what i wanted. I had done some research and found the "world's best coffee." I did some research and found it had received the highest rating ever by Coffee Review. Upon doing some more research, i found that it had sold for $130/lb. green at an internet auction which broke all records for any coffee (other than that silly one that cats eat). This is a single origin farm coffee that can be reproduced. I found no way to get my hands on the actual coffee that had sold at the auction, but MANY roasters had bought up the coffee from the same farm. The only difference was that these beans had not been sold at the auction record-breaking coffee had come, though they come from the same field These coffees received high scores, and PT's Coffee Roasters in Topeka Kansas received a score of a record 97 on Coffee Review, depending upon the quality of the roaster. Anyways, i had my sister buy me 12oz. of this coffee and might i say that it was well worth the experience and my joy should make her money well-spent.

It is a little pricey, so i suggest that if you are the type of person who is into this, put some money aside for coffee and use a couple months worth of coffee funds to acquire a whole pound of this, or see if anyone is willing to help you buy 12oz. It was by far the best coffee i've ever tasted. It had strong notes of cherry and other berries. It had some strong red fruit notes and ended with a sweet hint of sugar cane. Absolutely phenomenal. I could not believe it. Every sip was astounding and i swear fireworks went off in my mouth. You can acquire a bit here. This is the roaster i got my 12oz from and it received the record score of 97 from Coffee Review.

Check it out, and i suggest you buy some if you can justify spending $35 on coffee.

Brew method i used: French Press

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