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Life truly is beautiful. It's also full of a lot of junk, and sometimes life plain sucks. This morning I had to go to the funeral of a 20 year old young man who is the older brother of a student in our youth group, named Ben. The deceased was named Tim. The pastor nailed the sermon, just nailed it. He said...

I am not going to tell you that "God planned this" or that somehow this is "part of God's great plan or design." I will not tell you that because i simply do not believe it. God does not plan for a 20 year old who is so bright, so loved, and so loving to die at 20 years old. God doesn't plan for grandparents and parents to have to bury their children and grandchildren. I am going to try and put this in the vernacular of Timmy and his friends, I think if I were twenty i would say it this way.

"This Sucks!"

It sucks that a 20 year old died and that we have to be here today. And you know what? I am sure many of you have said that and will continue to say that in the days coming. I am sure many of you have wept over this. I assure you God has wept too, and does so with you. You know how i know that? Because he did when his friend Lazarus died.

He went on to explain that Jesus knew he was going to raise Lazarus from the dead, so why did he cry? The preacher proposed what I believe, Jesus wept with Mary and Martha in their pain. He wept over their pain. He wept at the state of His creation, that man should have to deal with the pain of death. He wept because it was not part of his plan. He probably said in Aramaic...

"This sucks!"

That's a powerful message, we serve a God that weeps with us and weeps over the fact that we face the pains of life.

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