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I have a new look, I LOVE IT. Only one problem, date stamps don't seem to be working currently, I'm working on that. We shall see if i can fix it, if not i may just go with a different template.

So Chicken & Cigarettes is done for now, probably for good. I will be returning to St. Vincent's park in Baltimore hopefully on August 4th with Galen though if i do blog on that trip, I am sure it will be a new series, new name.

As for now, I do intend to keep an honest and somewhat consistent blog. It will mostly be my thoughts, things that happen each day, what i'm learning each new day. Currently i have a post directing people to The Jesus Creed for a discussion on the concept of "heaven" as it appears in scripture. I would like to bounce back and forth on meaningful discussion i see over there, coupled with my own insight when i get into reading Surprised By Hope which most likely will not start until September. I do not know how much i will do on that.

My real current passion is praxis, the application of our theology in the Christian Life. I don't like the idea of "application of our theology in ministry" because their is no ministry which exists outside the life of the Christian. All ministry is meant to be done within the context of relationship, flowing out of the heart of the individual as it is formed and transformed in relationship with the Redeemer. I will be taking a class on Praxis this coming semester. I also currenly read a book on the subject of doing ministry in the 21st century and beyond called The New Conspirators by Tom Sine (which i have yet to review but is a MUST READ for those going into "full time ministry"), and am currently reading two books on the subject entitled New Kind of Youth Ministry by Chris Folmsbee and Organic Church by Neil Cole. I am turning over the idea in my head of starting an organic church plant after i graduate.

So I intend to blog on my ideas as I pray through this and walk through this in the days coming up. The questions I will be seeking to answer are this:

What would Church look like over the next 20 years if Jesus started it?
When and where would it meet?
What would it spend it's money on?

The answer to these questions begins with "Community."

I'd love input! So please chime in and tell me what you are thinking as i go along!

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1. I think it would look a lot like the Acts church. Selling possessions, sharing with one another, etc.

2. I think it would meet daily in homes, and other places people gather: Starbucks, restaurants (Hardee's), campus lounges, maybe even bars if there are some where the music is not so loud you can't talk LOL. I think everyday, somebody would be meeting somewhere.

3. The poor, the oppressed, crisis pregnancy centers, women's shelters, prison ministry, drug/alcohol rehab, homeless shelters, programs to get people back on their feet, healthcare for those who can't afford it

July 17, 2008 at 7:13 PM

Thanks Shelly!

I certainly agree with all of your assessments so far. You're as far down the road as i am! Haha! I feel very strongly that i would love to start a church meeting in a bar on sunday nights. Mainly because if you are there on sunday night, you need Christ more than anyone else! Because that of all things is lonely and without much hope. I also have experience on struggling with alcohol and so that's where i'm leaning. We will see where that ends up, especially through this conversation. Again it starts with "community" and therefore, would change within the context of the specific community.

July 17, 2008 at 9:20 PM

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