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After writing and reflecting on my initial trip to Baltimore i realized more about my trip than i had ever known previously. It became very exciting as it all began with a phone call on a rainy, cold day in January. I told my friend Galen that he needed to read this book The Irresistible Revolutionby Shane Claiborne. I mailed him the book while he was away in Brazil(?) on a work and witness trip. I told him that after he had finished reading it, we were both going to be silent before God for a while. We might pray some, but we were going to spend a lot of time hearing from Him. We would then call each other, and I very well might say "are you thinking what i'm thinking?" We did this and Galen responded with "I'm with you brother."

It did not mean at all what i had thought it MIGHT mean when i first sent him the book. But it did mean this, eventually Galen would tell me he wanted to go to Philadelphia for a week or so while i was home. Then i read The Simple Way's policy on visitors on their website which strongly discouraged the course of action Galen and I were hoping to do. I decided i felt it were better that we follow The Simple Way's vision, and do something local. Little did i know that Galen would have an idea already churning through his wacky brain.

All that is to say that all because of a phone call we ended up spending a day and a half on the streets of Baltimore and Galen and I experienced enough that i filled up an entire 10 blogs with only my experiences. We ultimately encountered Christ through the humble elements of Chicken and Cigarettes and were witnessed to by an amazing homeless man. We intended to make plans to go back and we did so for August 4.

When we got to "the nitty gritty" and were talking it out, a girl from the local Helping Up Mission contacted Galen to talk to him about our interest in their mission. He told her about our plans at more vigilante work and this girl decided that her and others wanted to team up with us and do something a little less organized and a little more raw. So i am excited about this and hope that we can also be an asset to them in their ministry at the mission as the days move forward.

How cool is God? Talk about a confirmation that we're doing good work. My father also talked to a homeless advocate in Washington, D.C. about the homeless situation and community in Baltimore. He told my father that he thought it was great that we were doing something good, but that we should get involved with those who know the area because Baltimore is a very rough culture with a lot of hard drugs, mainly heroin. All this coming at a time where we were currenty being led by God to team up with one another. How exciting? Anyways, we are headed up Agusut 4 and we are excited about the addition of the workers from the Helping Up Mission.

We ask that you would be in prayer for us as we move into this time, prayer for our safety and ultimately that God would not only teach us amazing things, but use us in some sort of powerful way. That God might use our mustard seeds to do something really great by His power.

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