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You have probably seen me reference either Scot's book or blog, both titled The Jesus Creed. That is because I believe Scot is an amazing Christian, Author, and Scholar. I don't know him personally, though I live close enough I should try to make a trip and meet him at some point. He runs a fantastic blog over at Jesus Creed and I am going to send you all over there for another great discussion, but most importantly a specific post. Scot is walking through Chris Wright's The Mission of God currently. The most recent blog covered a chapter on the Exodus and how Wright views it's importance in the overall redemptive story of God.


It is a great story of what Redemption and Salvation mean to God and mean for us. If you're not a Christian and you are reading my blog, GO CHECK IT OUT! Maybe you'll be somewhat more interested in the story of Christianity than you were before. God is not a God of rules and human-like wrath. He is a God of Holy Wrath which seeks to redeem rather than punish. This is just a great chapter on how important the Exodus is and what all God's mission in His creation, our world, is all about.

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