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I made a post a couple of days ago with some videos Ken Silva had posted on Youtube. In that post I told my readers the truth about what I think about Ken's website. However, I did so in a way that cast not only his website in a negative light, but also Ken as a person. This was not like me, and something I should not have done. I was blessed to have Ken visit my site which is very exciting. However, he called me out on what i'd said, and i'll publicly say this. Ken, I hope you come back to read this...

I apologize for the way i cast you as a person in a bad light in my blog. You are quite a fundamentalist in your approach to the Bible, and I believe that is a very unbiblical way to read the Bible. I also think that you miss the mark a lot when talking about Emerging folks. Keep in mind, I am no emergent. I have emailed you previously before a couple times with honest questions and once with a very honest correction to a quote you put on your site. A quote in which you denied the very core, basic tennant of Christian faith. That a Christian is defined by loving Christ, not by their doctrines (you had a quote saying the opposite). You did not respond to any of these honest attempts to have conversation. Later i sent you an email rebuking you for your negative words about XXXChurch. You finally responded to that one, in a way so as to make it seem i had no right to talk to you in such a way. Anyways, these are my points of disagreement with you, and especially with the way you run your site, and the things you say. I had an obligation to let my readers know. However, I should not have cast you as a person in a negative light. I apologize for doing so and I hope that my apology will be accepted.

Anyways I think it is great that you posted such a great video. A video which gives hope to CHristians, that opposites can sit down at one table and not call one another heretics. That Christians can realize that we can all agree in loving and serving Jesus Christ. It gives hope to Christians in the middle like myself who are neither conservative, nor emergent, that those on the polar ends can join in the body together. I am not sure what you meant by "matthew 23." Jesus is rebuking the self-righteous Pharisees. That has no relevance to your video, or to my discussion of your video. If you would like to expound upon that... feel free.

Again I apologize for casting you in a negative light as your person. I hope you know i've prayed for you after reading some of your blog. I am sorry I did not show you a better way in my post, I tend to try to do so. I hope by publicly apologizing I can show you what I am really all about.

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