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I spent all last school year studying Wesley's Doctrine of Holiness or "Entire Sanctification" or "Christian Perfection" on top of my own studies. I also studied the Bible for myself as well as what a lot of other people had to say about things. This is where I tend to, AT TIMES, agree with certain people in the Emerging Church conversation. Many of their sentiments are a call to Holiness and a life that is Christ-Honoring by our Works, which the Scripture even tells us God has prepared in advance for us to do.

I have stated before that I believe the Gospel is incomplete without an emphasis on Holiness and the Hope of Entire Sanctification. I believe very strongly in Holiness and the message it holds and pervays. I am saddened by much of today's Church in rejecting it. I see a lot of Reformed Theology rejecting the idea, even though Augustine as well as Calvin would have each agreed with it, as is made evident by a true understanding of Calvin's "Perseverance of the Saints." Luther is the one who really disagreed with it and understood Justification in simply forensic, legal terms. Thus being the case, I have been greatly affirmed and gained great joy from reading the following excerpt from a very prominent Calvinist, Charles H. Spurgeon.

From Charles Spurgeon "the Wedding Garment," preached at Metropolitan Tabernacle 1871:

"Holiness is always present in those who are loyal guests of the great King, for "without holiness no man shall see the Lord." Too many professors pacify themselves with the idea that they possess imputed righteousness, while they are indifferent to the sanctifying work of the Spirit. They refuse to put on the garment of obedience, they reject the white linen which is the righteousness of saints. They thus reveal their self-will, their enmity to God, and their nonsubmission to his Son. Such men may talk what they will about justification by faith, and salvation by grace, but they are rebels at heart, they have not on the wedding dress any more than the self-righteous, whom they so eagerly condemn. The fact is, if we wish for the blessings of grace, we must in our hearts submit to the rules of grace without picking and choosing. It is idle to dispute whether the wedding garment is faith or love, as some have done, for all the graces of the Spirit and blessings of the covenant go together. No one ever had the imputed righteousness of Christ without receiving at the same time a measure of the righteousness wrought in us by the Holy Spirit. Justification by faith is not contrary to the production of good works: God forbid. The faith by which we are justified is the faith which produces holiness, and no one is justified by faith which does not also sanctify him and deliver him from the love of sin."

Read the full sermon here.

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