Most Amazing Musical Performance Ever?  

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Yes... I submit that it is true.

For those of you who don't know my musical tastes very well, let me inform you. My father raised me on classic rock. About 70% of what my father listened to while I was growing up was The Allman Brothers Band. They are quite an extraordinary band whom I have also fallen in love with. My family makes an annual event out of going to see their Live show. They are among the first Jam Bands and are still one of the best at it. One of their guitarists, Warren Haynes has become by far my favorite guitar player.

Also, Dave Matthews Band became my favorite band about a year ago and are kind of the most legendary modern band. They are well known for following in the Jam Band legacy/ilk and have had Warren Haynes perform with them on many occasions. They do a live version of Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower which I think is one of the most amazing songs ever arranged. I have long wanted to find a live performance of All Along the Watchtower with Warren Haynes joining them on the Electric Guitar.
Well.... I found it the other day.
Tell me if this isn't one of the most amazing musical performances you've ever seen in rock music...

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