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Salvation is the central story to the Bible. It is the hope for which we as Christians live. Many different traditions have had something to say about Salvation and sadly the view of it has become very watered down and is found wanting. Because of this I am beginning an Independent study over the next many years on the work Christ accomplished in the Cross. Hopefully this will all complete in a book about it. *SIGH* yes, Ben Burch has become one of those people. This is not to be something no one has ever attempted. This is going to be my work to give us a whollistic view of the cross, from my perspective and tradition. informed by other perspectives and traditions. In order to understand the work the Cross accomplishes we must understand the result of that finished work: Salvation.

So to start by understanding Salvation, which has also been understood poorly and in a very lacking way throughout the recent century, I start this work by reading a book which is in no way meant to be exhaustive. This book is meant to give a solid foundation to a simple working definition of what Salvation is. This simple working definition will lay the foundation for the study and explanation of how God's work on the cross fulfills and provides for this goal.

This book is Salvation Belongs to Our God by Christopher Wright. Wright is Anglican and is in no way related to my personal favourite New Testament Scholar, who is also Anglican, Bishop N.T. Wright. Both of these men are theologians at the forefront of what God is doing in his church as far as theology goes. Myself being a Wesleyan am affirmed by their Anglican roots since John Wesley himself never saught to break away from the Anglican church, in fact if I am correct he considered himself part of the Church of England until the day he died. His goal was to reform the church, God's people, from within. His goal was to call them to Holiness.

All this being said, understanding Salvation and ultimately the work of the Cross should greatly inform a theology of Holiness, which is in fact the Hope of the Gospel.

If you'd like, join along as I work through this book. It is going to be hard to juggle with my academic work/reading but I am hopeful that I can do it often enough and that it will be fruitful for those of you who read along.

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I'm in. And I'll be first in line to buy your book when you're done!

September 6, 2008 at 8:38 PM

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