A Relational God - Pt. 1 - An Introduction  

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Who is God?

Who am I?

These are naturally two questions which start off any conversation about A God of relationship, or how it is that God deals with us in relationship.

Once we have answered these questions, we are left ironing out this next most crucial question:

How is it that God deals in relationship with us. Why does He seem to deal differently with some than others. Is there credibility to the claim that some people make that they "heard from God?"
What is the nature of God's dealings with me? In what way does God love for, care for, and desire me. In what way is my relationship with God personal?

These next few blogs in this series will be a search through what the Scriptures say about these issues, using my hermeneutical approach of viewing the Word of God as a grand narrative, interacting with a God who interacts in human history. It will deal with certain genres of writing in the Bible and certain writers... attempting to deal with the major concepts and ideas which lead us to a God of personal relationship.

We will examine together what the Bible really says about it, and whether or not we can really have a "personal" relationship with God... and what that even means if we can.

I want to end this post by starting you off with a question to think about, and it will be the main idea and assumption we will be working through/against throughout this post.

Is God a god of individual personal relationship in the Western, American, individualistic sense? Can one have a relationship with God without others (and I don't mean sustain one, I mean have one at all)?

One reason this begins to be such a big deal is this, is being a Christian really about having a "relationship with God" (in the sense we normally say this) at all?

Please comment and voice opinions to get us started.

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Excellent question Ben, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.

Well, I would think that if God is all you have--think Robinson Crusoe in his first years on the island--then yes, you can have a relationship with God without others.

But as soon as other people enter the mix, it starts to get dicey, because how you relate to those people becomes (in a sense) your relationship, or lack thereof, with God.

This is a thought Crusoe had to ponder when he realized cannibals frequented his island. Initially, he wanted to kill them, but that didn't fit well in the picture of his relationship with God--which now, of course, included them.

(By the way, I am referring to the classic book by Daniel Denfoe and not the movie--totally different things.)


June 7, 2009 at 6:34 AM

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